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Warriors Withdraw From National League

Club Statement: ‘Wightlink’ Warriors Withdraw from the National League and the British Speedway Promoters Limited (BSPL)

It is with much regret that Isle of Wight speedway promoters, Barry Bishop and Martin Widman, have made the unpalatable and heart-breaking decision to withdraw its Associate Membership of the BSPL and as a result the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors and Wizards will not be participating in the National League or Midland & Southern Development League this year.

The decision wasn’t an easy one to make but after much correspondence, it became clear that the new rules being imposed by the BSPL Board of Directors on to the National League were not right for the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors in 2021.

It is terrible news for everyone associated with the club and for those at Smallbrook Stadium. So many volunteers, sponsors, officials and riders have worked tirelessly together to ensure that speedway on the Isle of Wight became the multi-award winning fun family experience and a pleasure to visit.

Now the promoters need some time to focus their thoughts about the future and whilst the decision will mean no league speedway at Smallbrook for this year, it does not signal the end of motor cycling activities, initially starting with speedway training as soon as the current restrictions allow.

Finally, Martin and Barry want to thank you all for the tremendous support you have given the club since speedway returned to the Isle of Wight and they look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


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