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  • Rob Dyer

Warriors Speedway - The Master Blaster Returns

Scott Campos, another rider who joined the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors late in the 2017 season is to return to the club in 2018. Scott became a huge hit with the fans for his death defying blasts around the sweeping bends at the Andrew Younie stadium.

The Warriors Team Manager Jackie Vatcher said, “Scott joined us after Kings Lynn withdrew from the National League and immediately he was a major boost to the team where he provided solid support for the heat leaders. Scott was a great addition to the team, in what was a difficult year on track for the team. We are all delighted that he is back on board for next year with a handy 5.80 average, and we are already looking forward to seeing him blast around the air fence at Smallbrook.”

Scott added, “Obviously, I am delighted to be back on the Island! I really enjoyed my time there last season, with some good scores, especially at home. When I consider that I was not intending to ride, I really can't complain with how I did. To get a team spot sorted so early means that I can get my bits sorted and test some new things engine wise to help my away performances. To be honest, the Island is probably the only place I would have come back to as everything about the place from the promotion to the fans is absolutely fantastic! I am genuinely looking forward to seeing what next season brings! If anyone would like to help out next season, there are various sponsorship opportunities available, no matter how big or small, please contact me or the Warriors!”


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