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  • Rob Dyer

Warriors Want Speedway Team Managers For The Big Night

With the racing season just weeks away, one event that all speedway folk look forward to is the Cobra’s Garage Mahal Best Pairs competition which this year will be held on Thursday 19th July at The Andrew Younie Stadium and with Cobra himself (Steve Luxton) due to be back in town it is sure to once again attract a lot of interest.

With six pairs in action on the night, the opportunity for fans to name and be the team manager of their pair is a chance too good to miss.

This year’s meeting will see the return of last season’s winners, the Speedway Widows who will keep their riding duo as Chris Widman and Josh Bailey under the expert management of Lisa ‘Hairdryer’ Sokol and Tina ‘Teacups’ Widman. So with the Widows confirmed, just five more teams can enter and there has already been a lot of interest to get involved as a pair manager.

Warrior’s team manager Jackie Vatcher said, “I cannot explain how it feels week in week out to have your team racing on the track, the thrills of a win and the absolute heartache of a loss. It is an amazing rollercoaster ride, but one I very much want everyone to have the chance of experiencing, even as a one-off and the best pairs is an ideal way to do that”.

This season’s opportunity to name a team and be team manager for the night is the same price as last year at £150 per team so why not get involved in this year’s Cobra's Garage Mahal Best Pairs by sending an email to to register an interest.

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