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  • Rob Dyer

Warriors Off At Stoke But Cobra’s Garage Mahal Sponsorship On For 2018

Warriors trip to Stoke yesterday for their penultimate speedway fixture of the season was called off mid-morning with the Loomer Road track waterlogged. The respective managements are now working together to agree a date for the match before the season ends on 31st October.

That slice of bad news was offset later in the day when it was confirmed the Cobra’s Garage Mahal - the Home of the 'Wightlink' Warriors (and the Exeter Falcons) in Florida - will be back as key sponsors for the 2018 season. Steve Luxton, also know as Cobra from his time as an American Gladiator, owns one of the most welcoming and fantastic speedway museums anywhere. The museum which incorporates a bar “The Falcons Nest” is homage to any speedway fan in the US.

Steve said, “Well the season on the Isle of Wight has nearly come to an end and it's time reflect on what a fantastic year it has been. The high point for me personally was to attend my own meeting, the Cobra's Garage Mahal Best Pairs, and what a great time that was. Finally meeting everyone that I already considered "family" and to be made such a part of the whole meeting was very special to me. Of course I didn't think I had to wash my own air fence panel or water the track but Barry told me this is the Warrior Way and I went along with it.

Joking aside, I have been more than happy to be a sponsorship partner these last two years, to be involved with the club and the future of this speedway team we all love. In the first year of bringing speedway back to the island, I was the first sponsor to be announced, which was a scary commitment at that time, and then again this year in 2017. So, I feel that with the continued forward thinking and improvements each year that this promotion makes, I want to be the first to step up for the 2018 season! Cobra's Garage Mahal is again a proud sponsor of the 'Wightlink' Warriors! Bring on 2018.”

'Wightlink' Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop said, “I am absolutely delighted to be able to announce this today. Steve has been a firm believer in what we want to achieve and deliver on the Island and the progress we make. As you can imagine Steve has several requests for sponsorship and I am immensely proud that ours was already in place before this season finishes. Steve and his family bring so much to the club as sponsors, fans, friends and family. Extend that to include Sid Sheldrick and his partner Karen and we have been amazed at their involvement at the club. This year will see my fourth visit to Cobras Garage Mahal where I will attend the Cobras Garage Mahal Party and I am thankful to Steve for asking for our free dates before he confirmed the party date. 2018 will be bigger, better and even more fun and to have Cobra’s Garage Mahal as part of that - it’s a perfect start. Steve, welcome to the 'Wightlink' Warriors 2018.”


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