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  • Rob Dyer

Vincents Motorcycles To Back The Wizards

The’ Wightlink’ Wizards received more good news today with the announcement that Vincent's Motorcycles and Antiques has become a race jacket sponsor and joins Stu and Jack Clelland as part of the Wizards sponsorship team.

Vincent added, "To be given a chance to be involved with the Wizards is just another exciting chance to support the younger speedway riders as they start out on their careers. Having been involved with motorcycle training and the teaching of motorcycle mechanics to pre-14 year olds, I have seen first-hand how important it is to steer and direct younger people to follow their passion and get an interest away from standing on street corners or computer consoles. The whole of the ethos of the Isle of Wight speedway is about support, understanding, respect, fun, sharing and of course motorcycles. Giving young people direction in such a great sport and environment is brilliant, and for me to be offered the chance to get further involved was one not to be missed."

Wizards Commercial Director Barry Bishop said, "Vincent has seen first-hand how our speedway school is run and it is great that we can welcome Vincent to the 2018 Wizards sponsorship team. This team is the future of speedway and will be made up from Islanders and those who have come through the Island's speedway school My First Skid. The Development League is about learning to ride speedway bikes in a competitive environment, but it is much more than that, it allows us to create teamwork, develop new roles at the club and look to build tomorrows Warriors. It is a small shame that the league has chosen to limit squads to just four riders, which means that we cannot do what we originally set out to do, but those who are not named in the squad will be able to enjoy competitive racing and push for a team spot as we will run regular second halves this year. With the backing of Vincent’s Motorcycles and Antiques I am confident we will see improvement in every rider."


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