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  • Rob Dyer

Match Result - Wizards 20 v Wildcats 16 (SDL)

The Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Wizards Development League team rode to their first home win of the season as they completed a double over a plucky Weymouth Wildcats side.

Rightly included as an integral part of the main meeting, Wizards enjoyed the backing of a full stadium and adequate preparation time between heats. This certainly paid dividends for Rob Watts whose timely debut on return from injury saw him deliver three fast starts on the way to an unbeaten score. Rob’s brother Chris was also a heavy scorer for the Wizards with Ben Ilsley and Morgan Williams giving enthusiastic support.

The Wildcats relied heavily on Max Pankhurst whose evening turned very eventful in heat four when after being picked up for a starting offence, then took a fall after having battled up to second place. The Wildcats had further bad luck when Jordan Bull was taken ill and it was left to Bailey Fellowes and Martyn Smith to contain the home side.

After the meeting, Wizards skipper said “We’re delighted to get our first win and to have all the fans with us was a real buzz. We’re at Kent on Sunday with a full team so we’ll set off in good spirits”.

Wizards: Chris Watts 6, Morgan Williams 1, Ben Ilsley 4+2, Rob Watts 9.

Wildcats: Max Pankhurst 8, Martyn Smith 2, Jordan Bull 0, Bailey Fellowes 6+2.


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