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  • Rob Dyer

US Style Handicap Meeting This Week

Following the success of previous similar events, the speedway action this Thursday (19 August) at the Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde sees the return of USA style racing where all the riders are graded and the those with the best grading have to chase and pass the lesser graded riders by starting further back from the tapes.

In the past these meetings at Smallbrook have produced some amazing races as the lower grade riders battle to keep their opponents at bay whilst those in the higher grades have to exhibit all the track craft and speed that earned them the higher grading in the first place. The 2019 meeting produced over 40 passing moves and there is no reason to think that this meeting will be any different. The climax of the meeting is a harum-scarum six rider final – a real spectacle to conclude the racing.

Wightlink Warrior’s co-owner Barry Bishop has had no hesitation in running this meeting again. He said, “We love this style of meeting as it gives plenty of scope for close racing, plenty of passing, surprise results and lots of skill as the riders manoeuvre past their rivals. Last time we had a fantastic meeting with a pulsating Grand Final and I would like to thank meeting sponsor Mark Cooper (truly independent IFA) who was quick to step forward and back a very different take on conventional speedway. Long term supporter Kay Richardson will also be presenting The Michael Richardson Memorial Rider of the night award to a rider or riders who contribute most to the evening’s entertainment”.