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Brendan Johnson Joins Commercial Management Team

Hard on the heels of Thursday’s good news that Speedway is likely to take place on the Island this summer after all, comes another positive move as former Wightlink Islander and Warrior Brendan Johnson (British Under 18 Champion in 2010) is joining the Wightlink Warriors and Wizards as part of the Commercial Management team with immediate effect.

Brendan, who rode on the Island for several seasons, and also for several clubs in his career including Mildenhall, Poole and Oxford will now be fully involved informing the world of this historic change of pace for the sport while focussing on increasing the club’s sponsorship and community interaction at all levels.

Thrilled at the appointment Brendan said “When I heard what had happened at the Warriors, it came as no surprise to me. The sport is currently run in a very mundane and old-fashioned way in the UK. It's been crying out for a major change and to hear of what is to come in this big shake up, headed by the most forward-thinking promoters in the UK in Barry and Martin, I knew this is something I needed to get involved in, to revive the Sport we all Live, Breath and Love”

Wightlink Warriors’ co-owner Barry Bishop said, “Brendan is someone who I have spent a lot of time with, and we have always shared a similar vision of the sport and the value it presents being associated with a club like ours to companies of all sizes. We both fully understand what the club means to fans, sponsors, volunteers and riders on the Island and beyond. Now its full throttle as we grow the community and brand with something the commercial world will want to be part of while ensuring our community values are at the heart of all that we do. Brendan has an excellent history both inside and outside speedway and he will be an asset to the club on many levels. Exciting times.”

Speedway, a new way, returns to the Isle of Wight in 2021 with more information soon, however if this new project sounds like it might be something for you, email and we shall be delighted to explain the benefits of aligning your business with the club.


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