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DATE OF BIRTH : 19th February 2004, Hull, East Yorkshire.
Jordan began his motorcycle interest at the age of 8 years old, grabbing the opportunity to ride a friends bike for the first time.  With his enthusiasm and constant fascination growing during the following months, he was to receive his ultimate Christmas gift that year, his very first bike.  Spending every spare minute riding this machine, it wasn't long before it became apparent the bike was struggling to keep up with his demands, so a step up to a KX60 bike saw Jordan begin his racing at 
Mabblethorpe.  A further upgrade soon followed as he started to take part in Enduro racing on a KX65 bike, and it was this machine that Jordan first rode on a speedway track.
Scunthorpe was the venue, and its fair to say his debut riding on shale was a tough one, spinning off in each session, however his determination and attitude was clearly evident to all in attendance, especially former riders Lee Dicken and Wayne Carter who took Jordan under their wing and moved
him to the mini track and thus it all began.  Under Wayne's guidance, Jordan's confidence grew as he attended training days and practise sessions, and so did "JP Racing", his pit crew and family as they too learned the mechanics of the sport at the track, in the workshop and in their everyday life.
After moving back onto the main track and becoming more accustomed to riding on the oval circuits, 21st March 2014 was the day Jordan was presented with his first speedway bike courtesy of his Granny and Grandad.  Now it was apparent to all this wasn't a craze or a hobby, it was getting serious!

After a couple of years practise at various venues up and down the country, 2016 began by joining the British Young Lions at their training camp in France, before competing in the British Youth Championship 125cc class during the season.  Two winning rounds of the Championship later and a first in the Scunthorpe Summer Championship were the season highlights, along with riding for the Halifax Dukes in the Northern Junior League.

2017 saw Jordan again join the Young Lions for a three day training camp, this time a little closer to home on the Isle of Wight.  The team were set for a big year not only moving up to the 250cc class in the British Championships, but also abroad as Jordan was invited to take part in the European 250cc Solo and Team Youth Championships.  What was evident during the season was the progress Jordan and the team were making in all areas both on and off track.  It was a big learning curve riding the big tracks in Poland and the Czech Republic, experience they brought back with them to the UK as Jordan completed a solid season in the British Youth 250cc Championships.

The 2018 pre season testing once again began with the three day training camp on the Island.  With bad weather preventing many from taking to the track, Jordan was one of the first to ride the shale and continued to put in lap after lap, gaining valuable track time in wet weather conditions.  The team began the season in the knowledge this would be Jordan's last season in the 250cc class before moving up to the ultimate 500cc machines, and whilst he practised on his 500cc bike, focus was firmly placed on his competitive 250cc meetings.  Another solid season saw the team travel more miles than ever, with several trips around Europe and across the UK.  His consistency, speed and all round ability increased, and along with the teams experience in the pits and back in the workshop, they are set fair for their biggest challenge to date.

2019 saw Jordan turn 15 years of age before the season began, making him eligible to ride in the British National League.  An option too good to pass on for Belle Vue, as they signed Jordan up to represent the 'Colts' for the Manchester outfit.  He lined up against seasoned professional adult riders, along with the crop of British Youth talent.  All of the previous hard work, miles, crashes, pain, tears, frustration and joy brought Jordan and the team to this point, the start of his professional career.  Starting the campaign on a 2 point average, an amazing scoring return resulted in Jordan not only moving up into the main body of the team, but taking over the No.1 race jacket in the first green sheet average declarations.  A very impressive season in the National League for the colts ended in the play off semi finals, whilst they still aim to bring silverware to the club in the finals of the Knockout Cup, where Jordan will see out the season as the Colts No.1 rider.  During this time, he also competed in the British Junior Championship throughout the year where, excluding a fall, he was unbeaten in any of his rides and went on to become the British Youth 500cc Champion.

2020 looked set to be a massive season for Jordan, and a busy one at that as he was lined up to race in the Championship League with Scunthorpe, whilst also resuming his No.1 position in the Belle Vue Colts side competing in the National Development League.  Once again Jordan visited the Isle of Wight for a 3 day pre season training camp with the Great Britain Young Lions, before the Corona Virus arrived, officially ending the 2020 British League season before it began.  However, big strides were made in various individual meetings, team challenges matches and trips abroad racing with the senior Great Britain squad.  Jordan now found himself rubbing shoulders with the Elite of international speedway not only in the pits, but on track also.  So whilst his calendar of meetings were few compared to previous seasons, the experience and knowledge gained in 2020 elevated every aspect of his fitness and racing.

After such a stop start season in 2020, hopes were high for more consistent race meetings in 2021, and it didn't disappoint.  Not only did Jordan sign for his local club Scunthorpe 'Scorpions' in the Championship League, he also got the call to elevate up to the Premiership with the Peterborough 'Panthers'.  It was his most important season to date, and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and represented his clubs up and down the country putting in some impressive scores throughout.  After only 1 full season in the National League, to being surrounded by former GP stars and National Champions, Jordan learned so much from them all and really enjoyed the season from start to finish.

The 2022 season looks set to be another full on year, with Jordan returning to Peterborough to ride for the 'Panthers' in the Premiership, along with a second year in the Championship League with the Scunthorpe 'Scorpions'.



GB Young Lions Training Day Member : France

Scunthorpe Summer Championship : 1st

British Youth Pairs Championship : 2nd

British Youth Final : Berwick : 3rd

World Gold Trophies : 6th

Ever Present for the Halifax 'Golden Fleece' Dukes in the Northern Junior League

British Youth Championships

Round 1 : Glasgow : 2nd

Round 2 : Scunthorpe : 4th

Roudn 3 : King's Lynn : 1st

Round 4 : Rye House : 6th

Round 5 : Leicester : 4th

Round 6 : Belle Vue : 3rd

Round 7 : Eastbourne : 1st



GB Young Lions Training Camp Member : Isle of Wight

European Final : Czech Republic : Finalist

Team Jawa Cup : Czech Republic : 2ns

Team Jawa 250cc Representing Denmark : Torun, Poland : 2nd

4TT At Redcar : 18 Point Maximum

Team member of the Halifax 'Golden Fleece' Dukes in the Northern Junior League

British Youth Championships

Round 1 : Peterborough : 8 pts

Round 2 : Rye House : 10 pts : 3rd

Roudn 3 : Rye House : 3 pts

Round 4 : Scunthorpe : 10 pts 3rd

Round 5 : Redcar : 10 pts : 4th

Round 6 : Belle Vue : 6 pts : 5th

Round 7 : Glasgow : 6 pts : 4th

Round 8 : Leicester : 5 pts : 3rd



GB Young Lions Training Camp Member : Isle of Wight

Jon Armstrong Testimonial : Mildenhall : 1st

250cc Pairs : Teterow : 2nd

Teterow : 4th

Gustrow : 4th

European 250cc Championship : Qualified

Danish Championship : 4th

250cc World Championship : Torun : Poland : 7th

Diedenbergen Pairs : 1st

Ever Present for the Haifax 'Golden Fleece' Dukes in the Northern Junior League

British Youth Championships

Round 1 : Redcar : 2nd

Round 2 : Rye House : 1st

Round 3 : Glasgow : 2nd

Round 4 : Scunthorpe : 2nd

Round 5 : Belle Vue (500cc) : 1st

Round 6 : Berwick (500cc) : 2nd



British Youth 500cc Champion

British U21 Finalist

British U19 Finalist



GB Young Lions Training Camp Member : Isle of Wight

British Youth Round 1 : Scunthorpe : 1st

European U19 Pairs : Gustrow

British U19 : 3rd

British U21

World Team Cup : Denmark : 3rd

Speedway Of Nations : 2nd Reserve



European Under 19 Semi Final : 4th

European Under 19 Final : Qualified

British Under 21 Final : 4th

Premiership League : Winner

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