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All your Hedgehog Merchandise in one place, ready to order direct to your door.


Each and every item of the Hog's merchandise currently on sale will be represented below in due course.  Simply head

into the section you require, select your item and click the button to place your item order through PayPal.  Currently it is

notpossible to order multiple items in the same order, this is an issue we are working on and should be available shortly.

In the interim, if you require multiple items, please purchase individually as required and send us a message in the

contact boxbelow, we will then refund the savings on postage back to your PayPal account once the order has

been completed.  Where applicable, please input your sizes during the PayPal checkout process.

The HOG is constantly delivering new and updated items.  Below is a selection of other Hedgehog items available for sale.

Click on the image to enlarge and if you require one of these items, please complete the form below

with your enquiry and a member of the HOG will be in touch to complete your order. 

Message sent!

This is the official channel for HEDGEHOG RACING & MERCHANDISE.  All media presented within this channel has been provided by HEDGEHOG & SPEEDWAY  PORTAL or are links to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook videos.  SPEEDWAY  PORTAL is in no way responsible for any media placed within this channel.  HEDGEHOG & SPEEDWAY  PORTAL have gone to great lengths to make contact with the copyright holders of each and every video clip that has been included within this channel.  For more information, please contact HEDGEHOG direct through the contact box on this channel.

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