EASTBOURNE 'Eagles' vs ISLE OF WIGHT 'Warriors'

National League : 15/09/2018


Warrior Crew At The Double On All Action Saturday

It’s a busy September Saturday for the riders and supporters of the Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors speedway club with on-track action for the team at Eastbourne and a charity relay race for the fans backing the Cancer Research UK IOW Relay at the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde.

The Warriors hit the road for the final time in 2018 as they head east to Sussex to face the Eagles in the second part of a double header meeting that also features Stoke Potters. Warriors include Max Clegg and Nathan Stoneman as guest riders in the absence of Alfie Bowtell and Ben Morley who are on Championship duty at Rye House whilst the home side, who must win both meetings if they are to stay in play-off contention, will be without Mark Baseby and Charley Powell who are both away on holiday.

Early team news for Saturday:


Eagles – Georgie Wood, Kelsey Dugard, Rider Replacement for Mark Baseby, Jason Edwards, Tom Brennan, Ethan Spiller, Charlie Brooks.


Warriors – Max Clegg, Danno Verge, Scott Campos, Chris Widman, Nathan Stoneman, Jamie Bursill, Shaun Tedham.


Warriors Sign Off With A Battling Defeat

Eastbourne 57 Isle of Wight 33

The Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors became the second National League side to complete all of their 2018 league fixtures, but sadly they signed off with a twenty four point defeat at the home of the Eagles who were desperate for a win to keep their end-of-season play-off hopes alive after earlier in the evening crushing the Stoke Potters.


Warriors went into the meeting having to track two guests as cover for Alfie Bowtell and Ben Morley who were on Championship duty and chose Max Clegg and former Warrior Nathan Stoneman to fill the breach.  Eagles were missing Mark Baseby and Charley Powell who were both on pre-booked holidays and used the Rider Replacement facility and Kelsey Dugard as a guest rider.


The unusual make up of the home side sowed seeds of optimism in the visiting camp that they may be able to ruffle some Eagle plumage, however it was not to be as the home sides teenage contingent stepped up when needed as Ethan Spiller, Jason Edwards and Charlie Brooks delivered mature performances to back up the ever reliable Georgie Wood.


As expected it was Clegg and Stoneman who took the battle to the Eagles and they finished up as top scorers producing a series of excellent races on the night.  None of the other Warriors could be faulted for their commitment – on several occasions unfortunate falls restricted their points on the tight, technical circuit that is so very different to the wide open spaces of The Andrew Younie.


Co-promoter Martin Widman said, “We knew this would be another testing match for the side.  Overall this wasn’t a bad performance and we were helped by the terrific contribution of our two guests.  Clearly the Eagles were in need of all the league points available tonight and put on two thoroughly professional displays to keep their play-off aspirations intact. We wish them well”.   


Scores (subject to confirmation):


Eagles: Georgie Wood 15, Kelsey Dugard 4, R/R Mark Baseby, Jason Edwards 10+3, Tom Brennan 9, Ethan Spiller 10+3, Charlie Brooks 9+5, Rhys Laker DNR.


Warriors: Max Clegg 12+2, Danno Verge 1, Scott Campos 3, Chris Widman 1, Nathan Stoneman 13, Jamie Bursill 2, Shaun Tedham 1.

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